The Ghanaian mindset

At the age of 15years, I was very much lost as a teenager, why? because I did not have an idea what my life’s blueprint will be which a lot of people are still struggling with.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a self-taught, self-acquired skills in what I do now from Web development, Art Direction, Branding and social media strategy, other skills I do not know yet.

Thanks to a few friends, All this is self-taught, hours behind the computer trying and failing.

I believe my parents tried their best to position me to become, a doctor, an architect or maybe an engineer but I was rebellious towards that.

I did not want to follow the same routine majority of us do.
Junior high, Senior high and “The University” is a system one must pass through or the society won’t accord you the respect you deserve.

I opted out of University which became a battle between my parents and I. They did not see the “bigger picture” and the vision I had no matter how much I explained.

Their thinking was in Life Universtiy is the “ultimate” but I made them understand that there are so many ways of following the “Ladder”

I appreciate all their efforts, love and amazing advice over the years through this path I chose.

Without a Universtiy degree, I have had the opportunity to work with top advertising agencies in Africa such us SQuad (now Ogilvy one)
Publicis and Ringier.

Do not get me wrong it’s good to get educated, learn more, master your craft but then again I think the “Ghanaian mindset” of
a Degree holder is much qualified for a job more than an experienced hand with a set of skills I get flabbergasted.

I strongly believe it’s about time parents and the society allow their children to explore their God giving talent, be whom they want to be, guide them, do not change their path to destiny.

There is more to life than just being a University graduate (become jobless for years).

We need to encourage entrepreneur mindset in Ghana, I believe this will improve our economy.
I am the CEO of an Advertising Agency called Lurick Concept (LC Groupe) which provides 360 Advertising services.

That’s my dream and i am living that “Dream”
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