Disruptive marketing does it work in Ghana?

In recent times, Ghana has seen series of teasers launching a product, service or a brand.

What is Disruptive marketing?

“Disruption is all about risk-taking, trusting your intuition, and rejecting the way things are supposed to be. Disruption goes way beyond advertising, it forces you to think about where you want your brand to go and how to get there.” – Richard Branson

In today’s world, ‘disruptive’ is anything that shakes up an established practice, business or industry and the way we react to, understand and accept companies and their advertising. From a brands standpoint, disruptive marketing represents a key shift in an era where promotional strategies update as fast as the technology that carries them.

From a consumer standpoint, however, all of this change can lead to uncertainty and confusion.

Am sure you remember the recent campaign by Direct Savings and Loans (Had directional arrows) all over town.

They achieved and caused a surge which made people ask “what these arrows are for”

Most customers love disruptive marketing because it changes the face of how we perceive advertising. Done well enough, it even becomes a part of our vocabulary.

A few examples of successful “Disruptive marketing” for me is

1 – TV Africa ( during their rebranding),

2 – Direct Savings & Loans ( Directional arrows)

3 – Capital Bank ( Billboards with quotes)

4 – OminiBank ( Billboards with teasers)

5 – recent one #Jackwhereareyou

Disruptive marketing seems to work in Ghana!


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